‘St Clarity’ by The Paper KitesThis is so unbelievably beautiful.

‘St Clarity’ by The Paper Kites
This is so unbelievably beautiful.

Birthday feels, and Beauty in the break down.

Longish post, so under the cut for your scrolling ease, since most of you lovely tumblypoos don’t know me IRL, and thus probably don’t care about my random epiphanies. :p

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Romeo & Juliet by Sam Winston

Sam created these pieces by cutting out every single word from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and separating them in to three emotional states, Passion, Rage, and Solace. Once all three categories were complete Sam then used every letter from each word to design three unique prints to represent each emotion.

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Imogen Heap Live at Indie 103 - Part 2: Let Go (by watermelonbob)

When they bombed Hiroshima, the explosion formed a mini-supernova so every living animal, human or plant that received direct contact with the rays from that sun was instantly turned to ash. And what was left of the city soon followed. The long-lasting damage of nuclear radiation caused an entire city and its population to turn into powder. When I was born, my mom says I looked around the whole hospital room with a stare that said, “This? I’ve done this before.” She says I have old eyes. When my Grandpa Genji died, I was only five years old, but I took my mom by the hand and told her, “Don’t worry, he’ll come back as a baby.” And yet, for someone who’s apparently done this already, I still haven’t figured anything out yet. My knees still buckle every time I get on a stage. My self-confidence can be measured out in teaspoons mixed into my poetry, and it still always tastes funny in my mouth. But in Hiroshima, some people were wiped clean away, leaving only a wristwatch or a diary page. So no matter that I have inhibitions to fill all my pockets, I keep trying, hoping that one day I’ll write a poem I can be proud to let sit in a museum exhibit as the only proof I existed. My parents named me Sarah, which is a biblical name. In the original story, God told Sarah she could do something impossible and she laughed, because the first Sarah, she didn’t know what to do with impossible. And me? Well, neither do I, but I see the impossible every day. Impossible is trying to connect in this world, trying to hold onto others while things are blowing up around you, knowing that while you’re speaking, they aren’t just waiting for their turn to talk — they hear you. They feel exactly what you feel at the same time that you feel it. It’s what I strive for every time I open my mouth — that impossible connection. There’s this piece of wall in Hiroshima that was completely burnt black by the radiation. But on the front step, a person who was sitting there blocked the rays from hitting the stone. The only thing left now is a permanent shadow of positive light. After the A-bomb, specialists said it would take 75 years for the radiation-damaged soil of Hiroshima City to ever grow anything again. But that spring, there were new buds popping up from the earth. When I meet you, in that moment, I’m no longer a part of your future. I start quickly becoming part of your past. But in that instant, I get to share your present. And you, you get to share mine. And that is the greatest present of all. So if you tell me I can do the impossible, I’ll probably laugh at you. I don’t know if I can change the world yet, because I don’t know that much about it — and I don’t know that much about reincarnation either, but if you make me laugh hard enough, sometimes I forget what century I’m in. This isn’t my first time here. This isn’t my last time here. These aren’t the last words I’ll share. But just in case, I’m trying my hardest to get it right this time around.

Sarah Kay

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.

Lisa Hannigan - Little Bird (by lisasfanno1)

Lisa Hannigan - O Sleep (by lisasfanno1)

Lisa Hannigan - Knots (by lisasfanno1)

I just love her so MUCH. 

Lisa Hannigan - Safe Travels (Don’t Die) (by lisasfanno1)

A Challenge!

Hey guys!
So, I have a challenge for you!
My sister and mother recently happened by an orphaned coupon for 25 free photo prints at CVS, and gave it to me.
And, as I prepare to move to England, I have been collecting interesting post cards and beautiful photos to decorate my walls with, since they’re so easy to transport. 

So, here is your challenge! Submit a photograph, a painting, a drawing, anything. It can either be something you created or captured, or maybe something from the interwebs that inspires and compels you.  

I will get prints of the best 25 that are submitted, and they will inspire me on my adventures. :] 

Some I got printed yesterday.  

DO IT! :] The coupon expires in just a couple of days!



Hit RECord

My RECollection is amazing. 

I pre-ordered it back when it was announced, but didn’t know where I’d be living, so had it sent to Texas, just in case.  It got to Texas sometime last week, and now it is here. 

Oh gosh, it’s amazing.

It may sound corny, but I laughed, I cried… The music is amazing, the DVD is amazing, the vinyl is gorgeous.

I just cannot get enough of it.

Well done, Joe.

Well done, community.

Beauty is meant to be shared.