Why "Love Actually" matters

Love Actually says, yes, you’re crazy, but other people are crazy, too, and you should find out if maybe they’re crazy about you.
, Love Actually is the most pro-romantic film ever. It is a clarion call to share your pent up feelings for other people. That is good. That is decent. That is rare. People like to be told that they’re thought of as wonderful, that they matter to someone else. People should do it more often. And sure, they probably don’t feel the same way about you, but you should find out. Just in cases.


Buffy Challenge: Favourite Romance (2/2)- Tara / Willow

“I am, you know, yours”

“She’s my everything”

Sometimes, a single gifset can make you BURT INTO UNCONTROLLABLE SOBS.

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I’ve never felt like this around anyone before. It feels amazing and scary. You make me really happy.

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Autostraddle — VIDEO: Effy And Rose Fall In Love In The BBC’s “True Love”

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“Did you see how upset she got?”

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One touch says everything.

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I could come with you. I want to come with you.

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I screamed. And I barfed rainbows.

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